valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

a particle of cold
slips deep in my bones, gelatinous

I take a handful of letters, all that I have, I sort them a pile
in the middle of the room, like the gypsies,
I find it hard to turn them, blowing, rummage with trembling fingers
I did, I managed

I managed a hell, all the heat and smoke goes up rapidly at
the girl with the eyes of wax
She smiles now, drunk of verses…
I still tremble
to scatter the ashes and then I you gather again
I wrap myself in them, maybe I’ll dream a phoenix and
nothing, that particle fled, taking with him the bones, dreams

The girl-smile-perpetual
yellowed, from a photo, it tells me that will be from now on… just so


(foto de Stanislav Aristov)

una particella di freddo
scivola in profondità nelle ossa, gelatinosa

prendo una manciata di lettere, tutto ciò…

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