Concerto in C major for an era and an ear – Concerto in Do maggiore per un evo e un orecchio – Concert în Do major pentru un ev și-o ureche

valeriu dg barbu

Triligual text

the walls have more voice than ear
You know, Edgar has cancer, Eva fell in love with a
It is not true, it makes by money, supposedly that in today’s day it do transplant even of…
(washing machine squeezes contrabasses,
the vacuum cleaner barking to cats, a saucer of porcelain it gives the soul on the floor,
the dog, up, on top of the wardrobe, is throwing in the head)
the walls have more envy than concrete
You know, this ox of next door has taken a car, the sow of wife nor responds
to the hello and I think that… (washing machine
grumbles then pounding, becomes a jackhammer at the same time)
a roar of trucks, a rustling of the cars – I went out to the streets
I heal my hearing
I parked obliquely my disgust and …I run, run, and run batty
out of…

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