Idleness – L’ozio – Trândăvie

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valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


I am writing a new treaty on uselessness
how to make a moment anonymous and swallow it as a bitter pill
As a non-science man, I allow myself the lack of motivation
the chaos from hostile surroundings gives me unimaginable boldness
hidden geometries lay in the forbidden gesture, delayed forever…
the selfishness grows round like ball that I am too selfish to throw
In the daily per capita trash can
somewhere the desert is baking, the uselessness increases, mankind’s work is ruin, exhibits
in a Museum of the Absurd
Hey, give me a reason to be useless, because even for this, one needs determination
one reason would be, the writing, the other, the breathing, another one yet…
Look, even being useless implies a substantial effort – I thought that
I got away with it but even The selfishness has its resources in the Self, somewhere, someone is lurking

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